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This negative body image can lead to falling prey to eating disorders or even a compulsion for cosmetic surgery. Virgos are health and germ conscious. However, in worrying excessively about their health, some become germ phobic and have such an irrational fear of getting sick they avoid public places. They might even isolate themselves out of fear they will contract some serious malady.

Even the hint of an illness leads them to scour the internet in order to prepare for the worst, which only increases their health anxiety. And if they do get a diagnosis, they worry about accuracy, which leads them to ask for second and third opinions just to make sure the diagnosis was correct. Virgos are introverts who live in their minds and are careful with their emotions. Showing their feelings threatens their perfect image of being calm, cool, and collected at all times. Again, it's their fear of being seen as anything less than perfect that leads them to repress their uglier emotions to the point they erupt in anger or sink into a dark depression.

In their darkest hours, a Virgo is apt to use alcohol or illicit drugs to numb their emotional pain or even engage in indiscriminate sex as a release for their bottled-up emotions. Astrology is complex. There are planets and other important points in various zodiac signs , there are the signs of the Moon and ascendant , plus there are the 12 houses.

You have the grounded determination of an Earth sign Virgo , and the charisma and social ease of an Air sign Libra. This is a blissful blend of elements! When you're in the zone, you have a realistic understanding of the world, and you have the added benefit of being able to express your thoughts fairly and eloquently. No wonder you're so well-liked!

If you're born on this cusp, you're graceful, generous, and have an air of beauty about you no matter how you look! You have high standards and always try to carry yourself in an elegant fashion. You're beloved by not only your friends and family, but also by anyone who has the opportunity to be bewitched by your kind words and gentle heart. You have a sharp eye on the world, with a strong distaste for cruelty and a longing love for those who fight for equality. Watch out for your evil eye, though! You get upset quickly and are easily riled up when others don't live up to your standards -- and you set the bar quite high.

Others hate letting you down! If they slip up and say a crass joke or forget their manners, they will feel the wrath of your judgement or may even get a quick scolding.

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That kind of behavior makes you cringe, but you might be distancing yourself from your loved ones when you stick your nose so high in the air. Hanging out with them is like watching paint dry! Unless they are doing something that really interests them! Of course, when that happens, they are so involved in the activity they forget you are there. American Billionaire Howard Hughes was a Proud born, tirelessly ambitious American billionaire who was once kicked out of a hotel in Vegas, and as a response in true Capricorn fashion, he bought the hotel just to prove to them:.

Capricorns are intuitive: They know how to sniff out fear and weakness within you and use it to exploit you for anything you have that can benefit them. Cold as a corpse: Capricorns are cold people, born in the dead of winter, they have no feelings! They are also as rigid as a skeleton. Capricorns are Corrupt: J. Edgar Hoover, a sadistic and evil Capricorn, was the first FBI Director was the most corrupt federal agent ever, killings thousands, framing many and setting up systems and traps of racism, harassment and mockery of African Americans including the Civil Rights Movement and the black panther party.

There is but one way out for you. You better take it before your filthy, abnormal fraudulent self is bared to the nation. Capricorns invented scandals.

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He was the first and only president to Resign as president after he was exposed for manipulative and cunning conspiracies. Slaves to Lust. Like most narcissist, all Capricorns are slaves to lust.

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If a Capricorn is breathing, they are cheating on you. They are skilled cheaters who come home every night but somehow manage with their excellent time management skills to sneak in an affair during a 15 minute break at work. However, they always do eventually! Actor, comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey ex-wife is suing him for murdering her soul… because he probably did.

Most narcissists take every virtue from you and suck you dry, leaving you on the side of the road to die! Proceed with caution and understand if you plan on dating, getting into a business deal or starting a friendship with any of the above Zodiac signs, you are out of your Goddamn mind. I am so excited to dive into the earthy Virgo energy that will set off this weekend. It will tie dreams and work together and if you set your intentions clearly, this is the time we can start the process of dreams really coming into fruition!

The Eclipse in Pisces in late February gave off an energy that made us pump the breaks in several situations within our lives. Projects we were passionate about came to a halt and the Pisces energy inspired us to go over what we have done so far and reflect on it in a spiritual way.

The energy of the prior few weeks was restful yet stagnant. We may have felt frustrated that things suddenly were not moving as fast as we would hope they would.

Virgo Personality Traits

The Pisces eclipse made us take a back seat and reflect, but the Full Moon in Virgo is about to shake us into action propelled by spiritual passion and connection. Yes, I said it! Languish in this energy and surrender to its pull. This full moon in Virgo will demand that you look at every situation realistically, not just spiritually. Which is the complete opposite energy of the Eclipse in Pisces a few weeks ago.

Suddenly, we come back down to earth and take an analytical-Virgo like approach to our life. With all full moons, there are beginnings and endings. Embrace them both! Thankfully, it will be easy to just let shit go that no longer serves you AND create a plan that will allow you to meet the people and create the situations that will further your life purpose and vision! They still have a place in your heart, they are just taking a backseat to your vision, work ethic and situations that demand to be in the forefront of your life at this time.

It will be easy to create a realistic plan to accomplish short term and long term goals with energy and purpose and concise action behind it. Expect a surge of energy Saturday, March 12th. Use it to your advantage, do some spring cleaning, organize your office and your home, go to the gym! Just get it in! The sign of Virgo is a feminine sign and it is time we embrace and balance the energies of the feminine and masculine within us all. The feminine has an emphasis with this full moon and she will demand to be heard. Time to be responsible! Use it to build and not to isolate. That Pisces eclipse had us running from the truth… but on March 12th, we face it.

There is a sense of finality and instead of trying to run away from the truth, we accept it and transmute it into a gain and not a loss. The Virgo adult energy allows us to gracefully let go without being bitter. Saying farewell and thanking a special person who was once a dear friend on our journey as we decide to part ways for the benefit of everyone involved. This is what bosses do. Boss up! The dark side of Virgo is that they over think and over analyze. If you find yourself overthinking and riddled with anxiety try to calm your mind as best you can.

Meditate, do yoga, listen to some music… Just get out of your head or else, this may be a sleepless weekend for you if you are up tossing and turning in bed every night. If there is an ending for you this weekend, this Full Moon in Virgo will invite healing. This is great news for the broken hearted. You might just snap on someone whose been working your nerves. You may finally confront that micro-managing, flashlight cop boss who continuously rides your tail. Whatever has been irritating you will be confronted for better or worse.

The feminine energy of this Virgo full moon will have you coming into a place of knowing very easily. Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the most psychotic sign of them all? Before you read this article in its entirety, please write your first guess of the top four zodiac signs you believe are most capable of murder in the comment section below. Read it here. However, booked criminals cover an array of petty crimes.

This blog focuses specifically on violent crimes by way of murder. According to my research, some of the most heinous crimes were committed by 4 primary Zodiac signs. Each side represents a yin and a yang. Similar to how twin siblings have two totally different personalities. According to gruesome crime statistics, Gemini apparently has a good twin and an evil twin. They are great people. Very detached and airy but also very loving.

But what happens when the evil twin takes over? This means that the dark-sided Gemini has a tendency to be narcissistic like a child. The dark side of Gemini include the following characteristics: Never satisfied with anything or anyone, cruelty, manipulation, backstabbing, betrayal, childish, commitment-phobe, paranoia, promiscuity, compulsive lying, excessive talking, extreme risk-taking, unappreciative, unpredictable, con artistry, depression, random bouts of anger and extreme selfishness. Jeffery Dahmer, a. Mary Flora Bell is an English woman who, in , aged 10—11, strangled to death two younger boys in Scotswood, an inner-city suburb of Newcastle upon Tyne.

David Richard Berkowitz, known also as the Son of Sam and the. He would often fall into trance-like daydreams where his eyes would roll back into his head and he would be inattentive, a physician diagnosed the 5-year-old Bianchi with petit mal seizures due to these symptoms. This sounds like demonic possession, but that is an entirely different blog, stay tuned! Richard Trenton Chase was an American serial killer who killed seven people in a span of a month in Sacramento, California. In August , Rolling murdered five students one student from Santa Fe College and four from the University of Florida during a burglary and robbery spree in Gainesville, Florida.

He then posed them, sometimes using mirrors. On May 7, , he raped and killed year-old Jack Owen Blake after luring the boy into some woods in Watertown. Four months later, on September 2, he raped and killed eight-year-old Karen Ann Hill, who was visiting Watertown with her mother for the Labor Day weekend. Arrested in October, he confessed to both killings. He was released on parole in April In March , Shawcross began murdering again, primarily prostitutes in the area apart from June Stott, who was a local and was the first one of his victims to be mutilated after her death , before his capture less than two years later.

He was convicted of 11 murders. However, if they are in their dark element, they use their charm and calm demeanor to disarm unsuspecting victims. The astrological age of the Virgo is the Adult, which is age Virgos tend to strive for perfectionism. Most Virgos work very hard towards realistic goals, but others strive for unrealistic goals and stop at nothing to accomplish them. If that means murdering anyone who steps on their toes, so be it! Here is a list below of some of the most Notorious Virgo Killers.

Gein had exhumed corpses from local graveyards and fashioned trophies and keepsakes from their bones and skin. Gein confessed to killing two women — tavern owner Mary Hogan on December 8, , and a Plainfield hardware store owner, Bernice Worden, on November 16, Gein was initially found unfit to stand trial and confined to a mental health facility. Between and , Biegenwald killed at least nine people, and he is suspected in at least two other murders. Terry Blair is an American serial killer, who raped and killed at least seven women in Kansas City, Missouri.

He has been convicted of the murder of four women.

Dark Virgo

Andrew Phillip Cunanan was an American serial killer who murdered at least five people, including fashion designer Gianni Versace, during a three-month period in His motivations remain a mystery. DeSalvo was not imprisoned for these murders, however, but for a series of rapes. His murder confession has been disputed and debate continues as to which crimes DeSalvo had actually committed.

Henry Lee Lucas was a confessed American serial killer. Lucas was arrested in Texas and, on the basis of his confessions, hundreds of unsolved murders attributed to him were officially classified as cleared. Lucas lost an eye at age 10 after it became infected due to a fight. He killed his mother by stabbing her in the neck and murdered several other people as well….

He is particularly known for the highly publicized sexual assaults and murders that he committed with his wife Karla Homolka. Gerald Eugene Stano was an American convicted serial killer. He killed at least 22 women; he confessed to killing The craziest of the fire signs! The Sagittarius literally symbolizes a woman who is half horse carrying a bow and arrow.

She is about to aim and shoot! Watch out! The dark-side of a Sagittarius can be deadly according to serial killer statistics. Theodore Robert Bundy was an American serial killer, kidnapper, rapist, burglar, and necrophile who assaulted and murdered numerous young women and girls during the s, and possibly earlier.

The dark side of Virgo. | Astrology Shit ♒♒♒ | Virgo horoscope, Virgo, Love astrology

Bundy was regarded as handsome and charismatic by many of his young female victims, traits he exploited to win their trust. He typically approached them in public places, feigning injury or disability, or impersonating an authority figure, before overpowering and assaulting them at more secluded locations. He sometimes revisited his secondary crime scenes for hours at a time, grooming and performing sexual acts with the decomposing corpses until putrefaction and destruction by wild animals made further interaction impossible.

He decapitated at least 12 of his victims and kept some of the severed heads in his apartment for a period of time as mementos. On a few occasions, he simply broke into dwellings at night and bludgeoned his victims as they slept. George Chapman was a Polish serial killer known as the Borough Poisoner. Chapman took at least four mistresses, who posed as his wife. Three were poisoned to death by him. He administered the compound tartar-emetic to each of them, having purchased it from a chemist in Hastings , Sussex.

Lesser-known Characteristics of a Virgo Woman

Timothy Wayne Krajcir is a convicted American serial killer from West Mahanoy Township, Pennsylvania who has confessed to killing nine women. In carrying out his crimes, Krajcir would travel to various towns that he had no connection to, stalk his victims, and then break into their homes and wait for them to arrive.

In , Krajcir was released from prison after serving time for rape, and as a condition of his parole, he was required to enrolled at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. There, in , he earned a degree in Administrative Justice with a minor in psychology. Some victims were found tied up in their beds. Others were kidnapped and transported across state lines before they were killed.

12 Zodiac Signs Reborn As Terrifying Monsters By Damon Hellandbrand

Most of them were raped and forced to perform sexual acts. Some were killed by a gunshot to the head. Others were stabbed or asphyxiated. Pisces can be a creative genius. Some Pisces who live in their dark side, walk the line of crazy according to serial killer statistics. They dive deep into their emotions and cut deep into their victims.

This means that the Pisces is the oldest sign in the zodiac. They can be just as wise, intuitive and knowledgeable as an elder, but also as stubborn, moody and anti-social as a grumpy old man.