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    • In Libra, the sign of partnership, harmony and art, Venus is gloriously at home. Then she advances to Scorpio, where tension is the name of the game.

      Venus enters Sagittarius

      The relationship sector becomes a hot room, a red dress, a dangerous It would be easy to get rattled as Mercury and Uranus polarize to heckle and provoke. Keep your cool. Trusting the process of life isn't about taking your hands off the wheel. It's more a matter of holding onto the wheel It's only going to happen once this year, this rare opposition of Mercury and Uranus, and maybe that's a good thing. Because when the planet of communication antagonizes the planet of rebellion and surprises, it's the With a backdrop provided by the recent shake up of Pluto, Mercury and Mars, and and the Capricorn moon in the foreground plotting takeovers with the Libra sun, in some circles this weekend will unfold like an HBO power Mars in Libra signals the increased need for diplomacy.

      Individuals who can meet the need will rise in the group and serve an important function. Those who can use work on the skill will have opportunities to learn in

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