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She helps us differentiate between being attracted to someone versus what is a good long-term fit for us. Illuminated Expressions : Balanced partnership that honors both individual purpose and connection through commitment, equality, and loyalty. Shadow Expressions: Attachment patterns, power struggles and jealousy in relationships, fears and manipulation, controlling expressions of the feminine that detach us from personal needs and selfhood. Placement by Sign: Understanding what motivates us to be in partnership, and how we can create both togetherness and individuality.

Search for:. Illuminated Expressions : Self-parenting, nurturing self and others, acceptance of cycles of birth and death, caregiving Shadow Expressions : Intense attachment to mother, projection of our unmet needs onto others, eating disorders Placement by Sign: Unveils our deepest needs and reinforces our self-care priorities. Ceres in Air Signs: Communication Gemini , cooperation Libra , and individuality Aquarius are places to foster nurturance. Ceres in Water Signs: Offer yourself and others nurturance by appreciating your need for feeling loved Cancer , deep emotional bonding Scorpio , or connection to spirit Pisces.

Or volunteer your time doing something connects you to compassion for others. Illuminated Expressions : Connecting to spirit through ritual, dedication to personal ceremonies or spiritual path, desire to bring magic into human experience, sacred sexuality Shadow Expressions : Unrealized sexual potential, fear or denial of sexuality and passion, self-alienation Placement by Sign: Reveals what we ritualize or desire to make sacred Vesta in a Fire sign : Energy and drive becomes channeled through ambition Aries , creativity Leo , or idealism Sagittarius.

Notice how you may use your sexual energy as self-fulfillment or to dominate others instead of sustaining supportive, ongoing relationships. Vesta in Earth Signs: Comfort Taurus , service to others Virgo , and hard work Capricorn are the touchstones for focusing passion. Take classes on human sexuality or write out your own sexual biography as a way of noticing patterns in your own evolution and process. Understand your energetic boundaries with sexuality and steer clear of spaces or situations where they may not be honored. Pallas in the 11th House: Once again, it becomes easier to solve problems and see patterns if there are other people around.

In this case, it's friends. But a group of people would do as well. There could also be a tendency to attract friends who are clever at solving problems. Your creative ideas may benefit humanity.

Asteroid Pallas Astrology Chart and Interpretation

You may be required to make personal sacrifices so that your wisdom is used for the good of the whole. Pallas in the twelfth house indicates intelligence that is linked to the collective unconscious. There can be a mastery of spiritual teachings. This position also suggests karma associated with the use of one's mind, intelligence, and belife system.


One may experience limitations in mind and intelligence retardation, mental breakdown. On the positive level, it depicts dedicating the use of one's mind to the benefit of others, or as a spiritual service. Pallas in the 12th House: The 12th house shows what we may suppress. Someone with Pallas placed here may hold back their own problem solving and pattern recognition abilities. On the other hand, this could indicate increased ability to analyze and handle the restrictions of others. So it is also should be good for those whose work deals with "restrictions," such as therapists and social workers.

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Thanks x 1. Sep 1, 2. Sep 1, 3. Sep 1, 4. Pallas in the 2nd house. I swear I try to find creative ways to make money all the time but it never can bring it into fruition.

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Sep 1, 5. Sep 2, 6. Like right on top of Lilith both 26 degrees Aries. Sep 2, 7. Mine is in the 1st house in Leo. I don't agree with part of the description, I'm definitely not androgynous in any way, but that probably has to do with my Venus and Mars signs. Sep 2, 8. My Pallas is in Scorpio at 29 degrees 6th house. Sep 2, 9.

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Mine is in the 4th house. Sep 2, You and me both have a 12th house Pallas in common, OP. That explains why you post so much in this forum, trying to spread spiritual knowledge. I see you. Sep 3, Apr 15, Mine is in my 4th house. That's true I solve problems whenever I'm at home. Pallas 6th House here. Yes, i kinda agree with the reading. Pallas 14 degrees in 10th house and Idk about that description 9th house one doesnt fit me either. What the fuck is a Pallus?!! Now I gotta look it up Pallas in the First.

My pallas is in the 7th. And im also a libra moon so its very true Im also constantly analyzing interpersonal relationships and im the relationship therapist for all my friends lmao. But my 7th house is intercepted, so..

Pallas Signs in the Birth Chart

Apr 16, Mine is in the 10th house conjunct Venus, South Node and Jupiter. Not a super tight conjunction with all of them but they're in a nice little row. Today, we tend to view the Pallas Athene archetype as a result with the sort of gender issues that female consciousness faces in a male dominated society.

As Pallas Athene over the next month will begin to move away from an opposition to Neptune in Pisces and into an opposition with Chiron in Pisces, issues around our gender identity could become part of the collective Chironic wound that gains more attention. No matter what personal or collective issue we will be facing however, Pallas Athene is the type of mystic warrior, visionary activist, and artistic worker who will be able to hold her own with an opposition to Chiron and utilize whatever sort of wounds or triggers arise inside us to make our work in the world even more powerful and deep.

Her opposition with Chiron also points to the importance of paying attention to the impact of our mind-body connection on our health more so than normal- techniques such as acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, meditation, mind-based practices such as guided visualization, or therapeutic practices focusing on holistic approaches to our psyche, can all assist us at this time to help re-balance ourselves in order to re-align with changing events.

The deep creative wisdom embodied by Pallas Athene is highly attuned to the worlds of the arts, healing, and political activism- all areas that Chiron also enjoys working with, all areas of supreme importance to focus on in the world at this time of cataclysmic change.