leo weekly horoscope for november 12 2019

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Venus in Scorpio can also bring power struggles and money concerns out into the open. Subtle issues become more obvious than they were before. How money is spent becomes a focus in partnerships where financial resources are shared. This could also be a time when we have a stronger interest in making financial investments or decisions about loans, insurance, or other areas of our lives having to do with money.

Yes, Venus in Scorpio can be pretty heavy, but it can also be truly amazing. As someone with their Venus in Scorpio, you take love very seriously. You are one of the most dedicated Venus signs in the zodiac, and you enjoy the deep, emotional connection that comes with being in a committed relationship. You are extremely skeptical of others at first, and believe actions speak louder than words.

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If someone does end up toying with your emotions, they will end up on the receiving end of your stinger! Your intuition and penetrating mind make it easy for you to see past facades and understand who people really are. You are the private investigator of the zodiac, seeking to uncover every last detail -- and secret -- about someone. Yes, this is partly because you want to see if they are who they say they are, but you also want to learn what makes them tick so you know how to nurture them once you do get closer.

They are quite clear about what they want from life.

Venus-Sign Table & Transit Dates

In love matters however, they tend to be quite secretive about what they feel. They are romantic nonetheless, and can be seriously possessive and jealous at times. There is no fooling around with those having Venus in Scorpio. They want serious commitment. These natives can be quite dominating and demanding in nature. There is also a tendency to start arguments.

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They are proud of themselves. However, their relationship with brothers often sours.

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Venus in Scorpio also makes the person crafty and creative. This position also poses the person at risk of a venereal disease. Year Who will look best at this time? Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn!

The Transit of Venus

The energy of this sign is light and sociable. Make the most of Venus in Gemini with warm yellow hues, honouring Spring and welcoming Summer.

Beneficial Thought: All or Nothing When Venus Enters Scorpio | Astrology Answers

Touches of the Mercurial bird are a nice nod to the sign too, so wear polka dot prints now, or fabric adorned with birds — or brooches with a soaring sparrow! Gemini is flying high, with fellow Air Signs Libra and Aquarius too.

Sun enters Scorpio

Gather together with family for Independence Day, as Venus will charter Cancerian territory. The sign of the Crab rules harbours, sailing and the seven seas!

A lovely look for summer…. Expect royalty to hit the headlines Prince Harry?! Wear with pride. When the planet of feminine wiles moves through this gracious sign we can reconnect once again with pure, natural, earthy, feminine energies.

The Transits of Venus through the Signs

This is the best time to consider health and wellbeing for beauty. Go make-up free during this time — even better for those in the northern hemisphere that are experiencing gentle Summer rays, now. Consider clean foods and organic materials. A good period for the earth signs, Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus.

Not sure of your Venus Sign? Venus finally makes it to Libra, we can breathe a bit of a sign of relief and cerebrate — with oodles of shopping!